Frequently Asked Questions

Are all your educators qualified?

Little Environeers believes that in order to provide a high quality service, all educators need to demonstrate a passion and commitment to early learning. While we do support educators wanting to learn our philosophy, we do require all educators to be working towards a minimum Certificate III in Early Childhood Education and Care.
At least 50% of all educators hold or are working towards a Diploma qualification or higher. 

Do you provide food?

Little Environeers believe that in order to fuel little minds, we also need to fuel little tummies with healthy and nutritious meals. We aim to source local ingredients and use organic produce where possible. All meals are cooked in our beautiful new kitchen by our qualified chef. We provide breakfast, morning tea, lunch, afternoon tea and a late snack (if required) throughout the day. Our menu operates on a seasonal basis and rotates on a 4 weekly schedule. We cater to all dietary requirements and are an allergy aware service. 

What are your fees?

You can check out our fee page here to see more

What Curriculum do you follow?

Little Environeers follows a child-led curriculum where educators look for appropriate times to scaffold the children's learning as it unfolds. We weave essential literacy and numeracy teachings into our everyday interactions and use intentional teaching moments to provide real time assessment for learning. While we utilise the Early Years Learning Framework (EYLF) and Victorian Early Years Learning and Development Framework (VEYLDF) as our overarching curriculum guide, we don't follow a checklist curriculum. We see each child as unique and cater our teachings to maximise each child's learning potential in an authentic manner. We do have a major focus on outdoor learning and are inspired from a range of theorists. Check out our Philosophy page to see more.

Will I receive updates for my child?

Little Environeers uses OWNA as our chosen parent communication app.
OWNA allows us the opportunity to provide families with updates on their child’s day. Little Environeers will always prioritise the children's needs and believe that it is important for children to learn and explore without consistently having cameras placed in their space, so will always try to be discreet. We dedicate a time period of 10 minutes daily (providing all children's needs are met), where an educator will use a company device to take some snapshots and provide you with an update of your child’s day. There will be days where no photos are uploaded and we understand how nice it is to see your little one daily but  ask that families please respect that if this occurs, it is because the educators have been very busy tending to the little ones in their care. 

You are also welcome to speak to any educator during pick up or schedule a time for a detailed discussion. We will also provide 6 monthly detailed learning updates. 

What to bring?

As we operate an all weather program, we ask that you pack appropriate attire. We are often outside in the rain and ask that if possible, please bring your child in waterproof clothing ( Ask us where you can purchase). At a minimum, we ask that you please pack a minimum 2 pairs of clothing, even on warm days as we use lots of water play.

We provide all food, nappies, wipes and sunscreen. You are of course welcome to bring your own sunscreen should you require.

  • Minimum 2 pairs of clothes
  • Sun hat
  • Gumboots for mudplay
  • Water bottle
  • Any medication for allergies/asthma/medical conditions

You are welcome to keep your childs hat, boots and bottle at the service but ask that they please be clearly labelled. 

How do you manage accidents/illness?

As children are busy learning and exploring, we do understand that minor injuries/ accidents do occur. We write detailed incident reports via OWNA that you can see in real time, and always notify parents on collection or via the phone as soon as practically possible if required. 

If your child presents with a fever, or becomes unwell during their session, you will be notified to come collect your child. We do not administer panadol (unless part of a medication plan)  and believe that if a child is unwell, the best place for them to be is at home. We will of course give lots of cuddles and comfort until you arrive. 

Can I do an orientation?

Yes, we want to help you and your child feel comfortable before you commence. We will work out an orientation plan with you. We recommend a minimum of 3x 1 hour sessions to help your child feel comfortable with the space. We do need to factor in all children in the service so may need to move your orientation to one of our other yards or spaces if we identify that some of the other children are struggling with an unfamiliar face, but will work with you if this scenario occurs. We will ensure that a familiar educator will be with you and your child, so when the time comes for their first day, everyone is feeling comfortable.

Want to know more?

Our dedicated team at Little Environeers is here to provide you with personalised assistance, ensuring you have all the information you need for your child's care and educational journey.

If you're looking for more information, or tailed support about our programs and services, please don't hesitate to contact us via the link below

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