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Welcome to Little Environeers, where we aim to connect children to nature through Playgroups and Sustainability Workshops. We believe outdoor learning is limitless and that children build confidence when free to explore and learn to care for their environment. Little Environeers aims to
encourage inquisitive changemakers in both children and families who join our
programs. Our vision is to see children developing confident identities within
themselves and the world around them and knowing that it only takes one life to
make change. We believe in providing our littlest environeers with opportunities
to spend more time in the great outdoors, connecting with nature and leading
the way in restoring and supporting our motherland. Our Playgroups and Workshops are currently operating in the Northern suburbs of Melbourne.

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  • Professional Development

    Before meeting Tamieka at our PD Class at our early childhood education and care service I never Heard of FPIES. Tamieka ran such an informative, passionate, knowledgeable and engaging session that I come out with so much knowledge. Knowing that the even a smallest piece of certain food/s can harm a child in such a way made me as an educator thankful to have attended her class. 


  • Professional Development

    Dear Tamieka
    I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your time in facilitating our professional development night on FPIES.

    As the executive service manager of our learning service and opening a new service with a brand new team, most of these educators have not heard of FPIES before our professional development night. This brought a lot of stress towards myself as the new children we were getting into our service were enrolling with FPIES at an astronomical rate. The children presenting with FPIES were much higher than children with anaphylaxis.

    After our first initial meeting about the outcome I wanted for the professional development night my mind was instantly at easy knowing that you would be able to accommodate our need at our service.

    On the night you come ready and organized. The presentation you presented to our team was amazing and had real life examples and knowledge from your own personal experiences. You showed different degrees of FPIES and introduced our team to the signs and symptoms and what to expect if a child was having a reaction.

    You allowed our team to ask questions and provide feedback and were accommodating to the team members that required a little more support.

    This professional development night was so informative that we provided this feedback to our head office and our learning and development team to which they have expressed they would love you to record your presentation and upload this to our online learning site for our whole company to use.

    We thank you for your wonderful knowledge you have shared with us and we looking forward to hosting another night for our newer team members once our team grows.

    - Michelle
    Executive Service Manager

  • Professional Development

    My Niece has Fpies and I learnt how to manage my niece's Illness. I would recommend Tamieka's Course.