About us


Little Environeers was founded by Tamieka, a mum, educator, changemaker and passionate environeer. Tamieka and her family had encountered various disruptions to their health, which started the unravelling of the impacts certain products, foods and materials had on not just the human body but the environment as well.

Tamieka is an Early Childhood professional with over 15 years experience in the industry, ranging from family day care, nannying and managing long day care services.

Whilst working and raising her family, Tamieka identified a gap where traditional day care settings restricted some children being able to access these services. 
Tamieka believes that the Early Childhood services are loosing touch with the benefits of true nature play, risky play and taking children away from the natural environment where they thrive and learn best. Tamieka believes in bringing traditional childhoods back to all those who participate and strives to get more children outdoors where learning is authentic, life skills based, calming and provides endless opportunities for learning.

Tamieka believes that all children deserve access to quality education and decided to join her passion for learning and desire to improve her environmental impact as well as passion and commitment to teaching together, bringing Little Environeers to life.

Through the programs on offer, children will be able to connect to Country, learn about the traditional owners of the land, embed sustainable practises, and engage in child directed learning through playgroups and workshops.


We are not a day care service or kindergarten, we are an activity provider that offers workshops specific to sustainability. We offer drop off workshops and playgroups where parents must remain on site.
Families will not be able to claim CCS through participation in our activities and workshops.

We look forward to welcoming you and your children to Little Environeers.