Clothing Policy




  • 1. This policy outlines one of the numerous ways that Little Environeers (‘the Company’) ensures participants’ safety and wellbeing, by ensuring that participants are sufficiently protected from the weather, insect and fauna bites, scratches and grazes where reasonable by wearing appropriate clothing for the season and/or activity.
  1. SCOPE
    This policy applies to:
  • 1. Participants, including children and attending parents/caregivers
  • 2. For the purposes of this policy, the workplace includes places where participants regularly attend activities, as well as other environments with some connection to the workplace. This may include:
    • Festivals and events hosted by other stakeholders
    • Workshops and activities held on other properties e.g. schools, daycare centres, council land, private property etc.
  • 1. The Company is committed to maintaining a safe play environment and culture in which participants are safe from harm from the weather, insect and fauna bites, scratches and grazes where reasonable.
  • 2. The Company expects all workplace participants to show competence, care, good faith and compliance with instructions, policies, and procedures.
  • 3. The Company prescribes to the benefits of barefoot play, however also acknowledges that the Company is responsible for modelling safety standards participants would encounter outside of the Company. Close in shoes are compulsory however, children will have opportunities to be barefoot where activities support the risk/benefit assessment.




  • 1. All participants have responsibility for ensuring they adhere to the clothing policy, including attending parents and caregivers.
  • 2. Employees and Supervisors
    • Employees and Managers have the right to exclude any child they think is inappropriately dressed for any activities run by the Company.
  • Familiarise self and behave in accordance with the Company’s Policies and Procedures and are encouraged to report conduct and behaviour that is inconsistent with the above requirements.
  • Meet agreed expectations and responsibilities for their role, as outlined in the position description.
  • Gain an understanding of the Clothing Policy and Procedure and employees rights and responsibilities
  • Access advice or information from the Direct Manager, if required
  • 3. Managers
    • Ensure team is trained in the Clothing Policy and that staff have a clear understanding of the work and conduct expected of them, and to provide timely and appropriate feedback as required
  • 4. Directors
  • Provide support to Managers in administering consistent, fair, and transparent performance management and disciplinary processes in accordance with this policy and procedure
  • 1. All children must be appropriately dressed to take part in the Company’s activities.
  • 2. It is expected that parents will provide their child/ren with the necessary clothes (from the list below) to enable them to take part.
  • 3. It is expected that parents/caregivers will wear the necessary clothes (from the list below) to enable them to take part.
  • 4. The following clothing is suggested but not mandatory:


All Year

  • Aqua shoes, canvas slip ons, crocs or runners that are allowed to get wet and muddy
  • Long pants (recommended but not mandatory)
  • Sleeved shirt (no singlets for sun safety)
  • Water proof jacket and pants (wet weather only)
  • An emergency change of clothes and shoes


In Winter / Colder Months

  • An old warm jumper/fleece
  • Beanie
  • Gloves


In Summer / Hotter Months

  • Sun hat
  • Sun cream
  • Old lightweight, long sleeved t-shirt and full length, lightweight trousers (particularly if in any wild bush environment where prickles, ticks and other wildlife such as snakes are likely to be present e.g. snake breeding season)
  • If participating in water activities, long sleeved rashie and swimming togs


  1. 5 Compulsory Clothing

Closed in shoes are compulsory when attending our Programs.


  • 1. The Company expects all work participants to ensure they bring and wear the recommended clothing based on the season and/or activity.
  • 2. A breach of this policy may lead to staff excluding participants from the activity or program if they think the participant is inappropriately dressed for activities with the Company.
  • 1. The Company reserves the right to vary, replace or terminate this policy from time to time.
  • 2. All workplace participants have the responsibility to comply with this policy and all other policies which the Company implements and/or varies from time to time.
  • 1. If a workplace participant is unsure about any matter covered by this Policy (including how it relates to them), they should seek the assistance of Management.



Cross-Sectional Study Shows Kindergarten Barefoot Policy Positively Affects Soles’ Contact Area